gradle-plugin 0.0.12

  • The Gradle plugin now picks up isolated Android test ( subprojects. When using these make sure the targetProjectPath is configured in the android {} block.


ew-cli 0.0.48

  • ew-cli now supports capturing a video recording of the test - pass both --record-video and --outputs-dir, a recording.mp4 file will be saved per device-job combination


  • All network traffic from emulators now originates from these IP addresses:


    See the documentation for further details and machine-readable endpoints for getting these.



  • Added API 24 emulators

    Complete list of new combinations added:

    • device=Pixel2,version=24
    • device=Tablet10,version=24
    • device=NexusLowRes,version=24
  • Fixed rendering of result links in GitHub Action logs by switching token format


  • Added APK and input file caching to tests - ew-cli will skip uploading files if they have been recently added, enabled by default for 1h. Use --no-file-cache to disable and --file-cache-ttl <duration> to control the behaviour.
  • Added new --prepare flag that only uploads files to populate cache but doesn’t trigger any tests.


  • Fixed use of androidx test services to capture screenshots


  • Fixed tests crashing with more complex environment variables due to improper escaping


  • Added support for running library tests without an app apk. Use the --library-test parameter instead of --app and --test to test library modules.


  • Added Android Automated Test Device (ATD) images with API 31. Read more about ATD images here.

    Complete list of new combinations added:

    • device=Pixel2Atd,version=31
    • device=Tablet10Atd,version=31
    • device=NexusLowResAtd,version=31